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About us

About us

Agaza Travel has been operating for Three years now.  Agaza Travel is providing its customers with a wide selection of tailor made trips for its clients. Virtually all companies that provide "Groups" activities appeal to a younger client. we are generally provide "Soft & Hard" luxury packages. Tailor made trips appear to be require a higher income clientele. They are involved in "soft" activities. Agaza Travel seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers.

  • Selection: 
    A wide selection of different unique trips.
  • Accessibility: 
    The customer can be located anywhere as long as they have access to an airport or transportations.
  • Customer attention: 
    The patron will be impressed with the level of personal attention that they 
  • Competitive prices: 
    Although Agaza Travel is priced at the top of the market, providing a luxury service with prestige value, Agaza Travel will be priced competitively with the few other high-end service providers.



Agaza Travel's mission is to provide the customers with the highest quality outdoor adventure.  We exist to attract and maintain customers.  When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.

Agaza is one of Lady Egypt Companies which was formed 10 years ago to proudly share the wonders and delights of Egypt, a place we call home.
Since then we've expanded to include Jordan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and, most recently, Oman.  Our priority has always been to keep a friendly, hands-on feel that make our customers feel part of the family.
Our guides are personable, local and informed, and they adore their work. Since the very moment you make an inquiry with our booking team, every detail of your trip starting with the flight ticket, transfers and hotels, cruise booking & sightseeing t, even local customs and weather information, will be seamless.
From a kite surfing adventure in Oman to a Nile Cruise or a night in the desert, we have a huge range of carefully crafted holidays. 
 Although we often put our guests in the finest 5* hotels, we have something to suit any budget  within any time frame - just use our smart search tool and tell us your wants - and you'll soon be enjoying Lady Egypt's dedication to quality holiday experiences, and creating memories to treasure.